Stay classic, even at the gym

The stylish man remains stylish in any situation. So when you hit the gym, there’s no excuse to not look good. The key is to keep everything classic and basic and in muted colors. It always starts with the right shoe selection. Pick a tried-and-true sneaker that can handle the rigors of your workout but nothing too techy – unless you really are an elite athlete. Something like classic made-in-America New Balance 574s (pictured) can handle your workout.

Again, a reminder to wear shorts that hit just above knee and not a long, baggy Lebron James-type short. Find something not too billowy but loose enough so you can move. Adidas Originals has a nice selection.

Plain cotton T-shirts work just fine for your normal gym workout. Our Peter Manning T-shirt comes with me on my runs in the park and occasional yoga class and you can get away with your old heather grey college tee or a favorite concert T-shirt. As always, wear a shirt with sleeves that hit you mid-bicep, right below the belt line and, definitely, not too tight.