How to travel in style

These days, men don’t get dressed up much for airline travel. I remember well when I was a kid, the whole family got dressed up for the plane ride. Blue blazers on the boys and matching skirts on the girls. Those days are long over, and probably appropriately, given how harrowing air travel has become. That said, it's not an excuse to look like a slob. You can and should look spiffy when traveling. For starters, looking put together will always get you better service. In this edition of the style blog, we have assembled some tips for comfort, practicality and style, all of which will work even when squeezing yourself into those ever smaller airplane seats.

The 'athleisure' movement has paved the way for more tailored sweats like our own Peter Manning Weekend Sweatpants. Made with soft but sturdy french terry, these sweats are smart looking and incredibly comfortable.  A good, well tailored sweatpant is very versatile and now can even be matched with a more tailored jacket like our navy Essex jacket. This seemingly incongruous mix of casual and more formal elements can pull together your entire travel look. Our PMNYC Jeans are built for comfort (we know they look great too!), and can also be paired with our Essex jacket or a sport coat for a comfortable, but still chic, look onboard the aircraft. 

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You can layer your jacket over our Polo (coming soon) or our new Everyday Shirt and you’ll be ready for whatever you find at the other end of your journey. Wearing your jacket instead of packing it has the added advantage of keeping it less rumpled upon arrival. Most attendants will gladly hang it up for you until the end of the flight. If your jacket does gather some wrinkles along the way, hang it in the bathroom when you shower and let the steam get rid of them.

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Our beloved Field Jacket is also the perfect travel companion. Comfortable enough to wear the whole flight, its roomy pockets are perfect for your phone and passport, as well as the endless boarding passes, luggage tags and receipts acquired on your way to the plane. 

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Slip-on shoes are crucial for getting through airport security checks. The classic Vans we mentioned in our Spring Shoe Guide are the right mix of chic and simple that is perfect for travel in 2016. For a more sophisticaed take, a great travel loafer like the Ecco Classic Moc II Venetian Loafer is great looking and just as easy and comfortable. Please always make sure you wear socks, as there is no telling what is on the floors of airports, and make sure you choose a pair with no holes! A great compression travel sock in merino wool will keep you comfortable and your feet dry during the endless temperature changes. Perfect for the heat and cold. We love the ones from Sierra Trading Post (see below).

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Don’t slack in choosing a bag. A great looking carry-on bag is important for completing your travel look. Don't overpack it though - you should be able to carry it comfortably. If it's more than a weekend trip, pack a bigger bag and just check it. Airports are far more efficient these days and checked bags don't take nearly as long to reach the terminal as they used to. Travel today is stressful enough, don't make it more so trying to carry too much on the plane. We like this carry-on from Miansai for its sleek profile, rugged straps and classic look.

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A great dopp kit is a must-have and simply makes life easier. Always keep it filled with the essentials - shaving cream, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer etc, so you can just throw it in your bag during the inevitable scramble to get packed. We love this one from Ernest Alexander, a great brand known for its handsome looks and basic functionality. It's waterproof inside and out, because spills happen and caps come undone.

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A passport wallet helps us keep our important items secure, which in turn helps keep travel anxiety at bay. This straightforward wallet from the Hershel Supply Co. is well priced and practical.

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Most important of all, pack a sense of humor and a liberal does of patience. Traveling these days is hard and doesn’t appear to be getting any easier. These essentials and a good attitude will get you to your destination in both comfort and style.