Some Thoughts on Fit

A reminder.

I was reminded during a meeting I had yesterday with a colleague that the subject of fit for shorter men is something we need to continually address. At Peter Manning NYC we think about fit all day long and have long (sometimes heated!) discussions about adjusting patterns an 1/8” here or a ¼” there. We sometimes forget that you guys are busy and are probably not thinking about fit quite as much as we are. We are happy to do it for you but we want to be sure you understand why it matters.

The perfect PMNYC size 2.

My colleague was a perfect Peter Manning size 2 and after lamenting that it was so hard to find things that worked for him, he mentioned that he was very happy with the fit of a particular brand. He said, “oh BRAND X shirts fit me great, I just have to get the sleeves shortened.” That’s a comment that always makes me crazy and I passionately responded, “shirts that need to have their sleeves shortened do not fit!!” So many short men have become accustomed to bringing everything they buy to the tailor and paying the “tailor tax” that they think its normal. It’s not. If a shirt has sleeves that are too long or pants need to be hemmed, or if you need to tie a double Windsor knot just to use up tie length, those items do not “fit.” Now there is nothing wrong with tweaking clothes at the tailor to get them closer to perfect, and we encourage it when neccessary.  However, you shouldn't have to show up at the tailor all the time and you must always start with overall proper fit and the right proportions. 

The Fit Shop Visit.

I insisted my colleague come up to our Fit Shop and try some clothes on. He was blown away by what he found; shirts that fit, pants with the right inseam, polos and dress shirts that had the right sleeve and body lengths. It was a revelation to him. It was not the first time this has happened in our Fit Shop and we are pretty sure it won’t be the last.

Now I know some of you have heard all this before but because my thoughtful colleague, who cares a lot about clothes, still believed something fit when it did not, I felt the need to say it again. Fit matters. It makes you look great and feel great. And when we feel great, life is better.