7 Days, 7 Outfits: Day 2, Not So Casual

Look 2, Everyday Shirts and Essex Pants. 

Today, we live in a world of 'casual,' where 'casual Fridays' seem to be getting extended to 'casual all the time.'  In the old days, a gentleman never left the house without a tie and a hat.  Those days are gone, sadly for those of us who loved that old school formality; but that doesn't mean we should abandon the old rules altogether.

We think what is called for is balance.  This balance is why we love our Essex Dress Pants and our Everyday Shirt combo.  These items, well fitting and comfortable, allow you to get through your day ready for anything - dropping the kids off at school, presenting at a big meeting and then joining old friends for an important dinner.  Our Essex Pants work nicely with a jacket, but without one you will still look sharp.  A lace up oxford or a good leather loafer will work beautifully with this look.  It's easy to throw on a jacket if your next stop is more formal.  Or pair these pants with a light sweater and a more casual suede moccasin, and you will be the picture of easygoing elegance.

The Essex Pant is made from 120's Italian wool in the perfect year round weight, and it never, ever goes out of style.  They are made with inseams starting at 26 inches, a proper (ie, not too long) rise and proper (ie, not too big) ankle opening.  

The other part of this combo, our Everyday Shirt, allows us to pull off the perfect balancing act.  As formal as it needs to be (we sometimes wear it with a tie), and as casual as you want it, the Everyday shirt is the workhorse of the Peter Manning collection.  Coupling our Everyday Shirt and Essex Pants together in these warmer months gives you options beyond traditional chinos and jeans, and has you looking as sharp as you need to be without donning a suit.  It's a combination that shows you mean business and appreciate proper dress, but it also allows you to unwind with friends for drinks at the end of the day without feeling too fussy or businesslike.  And of course, because they fit so well, they will feel so great.  Our Everyday Shirts are made with shorter sleeve and body lengths, slimmer arms (no more pirate arms!) and properly scaled details (collars, cuffs and pocket). 

Our Essex Pant comes in four classic colors:  khaki, olive, navy and grey; and our Everyday Shirt in a variety of patterns and solid colors.  You can mix and match them all and almost never go wrong.  We work hard to make this as easy as possible for our guys! 

One last note, we show this look without a belt because we don't think it's always necessary, and belts can cut us shorter guys in half visually, which isn't always great.  That said, if you need, or like, to wear a belt please wear a good leather one (with a discreet buckle) that matches the tone of your chosen shoe.