The 2016 PMNYC Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is here and we thought we could help by letting you know about some terrific gifts (not just all Peter Manning clothes!) for that most important guy in your life. You may want to pick up one of these things for yourself as well. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. 

Famous in Japan

A watch is always a great idea and this one is relatively inexpensive and super cool. It is a Timex/Redwing collaboration (there are others to choose from) and only available through Todd Snyder, a designer we have long admired.

He always needs a belt

Dad can always use a new belt (so can we) and we think these two are great looking and will only get better with age. First, a more attention getting belt:

The second belt is more classic and comes from one of our favorite neighborhood stores, Modern Anthology, located near our Fit Shop and warehouse in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Understated cover

Modern Anthology always has the coolest accessories and we also loved this iPhone case. Like that belt it will just get better the more he uses it.

Shave the right way

We know it’s so cliché but you cannot go wrong with a new shaving kit. We have long advocated for using a shaving brush. Really, it will transform his shaving experience and it doesn’t take any extra time. He has to put on shaving cream one way or another so he might as well do it right, right?

Let's call it a classic

Speaking of clichéd gifts. There is none more so than a tie. But a Peter Manning tie will transform the way he wears a tie and is perfectly scaled for him. Shorter than traditional ties so no issues with the tail sticking out!

While we are on Peter Manning, we can also recommend our James Polo and our Long Sleeve Polo. The James is basic but perfect and the Long Sleeve Polo has button cuffs for a bit of sartorial flair and easy roll up. You know he will wear them for years to come. And they will fit!

Party central

Our tech loving Dads here at Peter Manning are raving about the Amazon Echo, a Bluetooth speaker. They even refer to her by name, Alexa. Alexa speaks! The kids will love this too. It is so easy and so useful that everyone can get in on the action.

Old fashioned

For the less techy Dads out there, but the ones who love to putter and tinker. This is an inexpensive but impressively thorough low/no tech tool kit. Who doesn’t love a fresh set of tools. It is great for him to get everything he needs in a nice, neat package that will allow him to fix that screen and squeaky hinge that Mom’s been yapping about.

Make your own

For the adventurous cooks, we love this stovetop pizza oven from Huckberry. Homemade pizza is all the rage and this will allow you to cook up delicious crusty pizza without building a monolith in your backyard!

To go with that pizza he might need some brew. If he is really adventurous he can make his own with this kit.

Only the essentials

We know how hard it is to find properly scaled bags for the not-so-tall guy. We were thrilled to find that one of our favorite brands, Filson, scaled down this briefcase to make it the perfect carryall for your stylish not-so-tall Dad. This bag is totally cool while also being a total classic.

Put some thought into it

We recently discovered Framebridge and it saved our Mother's Day. You can make the perfect gift for Dad too. He will love how thoughtful and forward thinking you are. This is no last dash to the drugstore kind of present. It takes a bit of thought but Framebridge takes care of the rest.