Slim fit cargo pants are in (again!)

We were ahead of the curve when we introduced the Peter Manning Cargo Pant, a more elegant version of the ’90s baggy variety. But now the Wall Street Journal (WSJ 4/18/14) is reporting that the refined cargo pant is back in (they featured ours in November 2012), interviewing a bunch of menswear designers like Michael Bastian, Brunello Cuccinelli and Michael Kors and even giving a nod to Dockers’ take on the version.

We completely agree that a slim cargo pant (like ours) does pair as well with a blazer as with a tee shirt. The pockets add visual interest and are a great complement to our everyday jeans and chinos. WSJ asks if the pockets should be used. We say, absolutely not.  Those cargo pockets are for looks only, especially on a slimmer cargo.

Our Slim Cargo Pants are available in olive, light khaki  and in rust (see above) and are made so that shorter men can experience the perfect pick for when jeans are too casual and chinos are too understated.  For our customers, the pockets are scaled down and positioned properly—not too big and not too low like standard cargos.