Dumbo.  Funny name for a neighborhood.  After a long search we decided to come to Brooklyn to a neighborhood that is full of young, creative people doing creative stuff.  We love the energy here and the fact that it is dynamic and trendy but still has real vestiges of another time.  

We love the food carts. We were able to get wonderful space with lovely light and views.  Enough space for us to work in and have our products and most importantly, invite our customers in to try on clothes.

The move to Dumbo will always be synonymous for me with the moment when we started meeting our customers face to face.  We have always enjoyed a great relationship through email and phone, and it is delight when we see an order pop from a many time customer.  Those names have become like old friends.  However, talking with and trying on clothes with our customers here in Dumbo is so much fun.  What a diverse group are our Peter Manning men. So, if you are in New York come visit us in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We are the only ones here making great clothes for men 5’8″ and under.