Survive the summer wedding

So if you have to be a guest at summer wedding, do as Darren Kriss (5’8″) does here for GQ, don a lighter weight fabric suit, impeccably tailored of course, and keep everything understated with a slight flourish—like his saddle shoes or a snappy pocket square.

If you have the budget to spring for a linen suit, it will keep you pretty cool. For those who need something more versatile, choose a chino suit that you can use for summer new business pitches too.  We wear ours straight through September.

Note the fit: Slim but not tight. A white, blue or gingham shirt and a low key tie are key here as is the slim dress watch. Look good enough to attract the single bridesmaid’s attention, but never look better than the groom.  And most importantly, make sure the soles of your shoes allow you move on the dance floor!