The thing about proper fit

Having customers come to our showroom in Brooklyn has been a revelation.

We were always hearing from customers about how great it was to finally have clothes that fit but we never got to see it. 

Customers come out of our dressing room looking fantastic. Slimmer and taller than when they walked in. It’s like a magic booth!

Though they look terrific, customers sometimes feel the clothes are too “tight.” What I always tell them is that wearing clothes that fit takes some getting used to, mostly because we’ve been wearing clothes that are simply too big and not made for us.

I usually tell them to wear the shirt to a party and if people don’t tell them how great they look to send the shirt back. They never do.

I know that when I first started wearing Peter Manning clothes they felt much tighter than anything I had worn before. But I learned that they are not tight. They fit. And well. And that has made all the difference.