Ten men Peter would love to dress


Here’s a list of ten men I would love to dress, not just because they are short.

1. John Stewart. Because he is using humor to educate and illuminate his audience about serious issues.

2. Mark Wahlberg. He’s made the transition from trash talking rapper/underwear model to serious actor and consummate family man.

3. Paul Newman. I know he’s gone, and it kills me. No one was cooler. No one.

4. Tom Cruise. Because, well, he’s Tom Cruise and despite the weird Scientology stuff, I would do anything to get him out of those high heeled boots he likes to wear.

5. Josh Hutcherson. He has the most gentle eyes and I loved him long before The Hunger Games, when he broke my daughters heart (and mine) in The Bridge to Terabithia.

6. Elijah Wood. Because even as he ages he still looks like a fawn lost in the woods and he didn’t become a celebrity jerk.

7. Kevin Hart. Because he is one of the funniest people on the planet and he’d turn his Peter Manning duds into some kind of comic riff we would love to hear.

8. George Stephanopoulos. Wait, he already wears Peter Manning. Because he interviewed us on GMA and was unafraid to talk about his height. Our hero.

9. Daniel Radcliffe. Because after the Harry Potter movies when he could have kicked back big time, he worked like mad in the theater doing challenging roles that he did not have to do.

10. Usher. He is so cool and he dances so well.