Finally, a winter boot that is just enough

I always think about new winter boots in January when I am stepping into a slush puddle in my Clark desert shoes.  By then it is too late.  Everything is sold out and I keep telling myself it's almost over.  

This has been going on for years. It’s also that winter boots tend to be too darn big.  I mistakenly bought a pair of Sorel boots and since they were expensive and NEVER wear out I have suffered with them for 10 years.

I finally decided to bite the bullet this fall, think ahead and have my pick of choices.  Or so I thought. The truth is there just isn’t much out there that will keep you warm and dry, and also sleek and good looking enough to wear around the office all day.  Moreover, I'm a hockey dad, so I need something super comfy and warm for long hockey games.  I looked around and there were all the usual suspects, Timberlands—too woodsy and ubiquitous; UGGs—cozy but bland looking, and I can’t help thinking of teenage girls; Blundstone—love the look but won’t get you through a snow storm; and yes, the big bulky Sorels—I don’t live in Alaska, so they are a little much.  

Finally, I happened on the Pajar Trooper.  It's handsome, sleek, wildly comfortable, waterproof and cool enough to wear with jeans and a blazer.  And not everyone has a pair.  Plus, they are Canadian and I have to assume they know something about keeping your feet warm.  For the first time in years, I cannot wait for the first snowfall and am looking forward to being warm, dry and chic for years to come.