Dressing for the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, it seems a good time to think about what we can do to spruce up our wardrobes, look great and be festive. As always, fit matters. Shorter inseams, shorter sleeves, tapered legs—proper proportions in general—make you look and feel great.

However, often the holidays require a bit more from us. What then? How can we make ourselves look just that much more special at Thanksgiving dinner or the inevitable holiday party?

Details, details, details. For the not so tall guy, dressing for the holidays is a time to spruce things up a bit. Wear the items you are most comfortable in, and then give them a little lift. It’s not hard. First off, get out of your comfort zone. Not in a crazy way but add that something extra that says you care about what you wear and you care about doing your part to make things festive and fun. We shorter guys have to show off our stuff. Try a colorful pair of pants, a jaunty pocket square or some fun socks.

When it’s a question of whether to wear a tie or not, wear a tie. It’s always better to be a tad overdressed than under. No one ever thinks you are being too fancy if you wear a tie. If you decide to wear those colorful pants, couple them with a more subdued shirt or sweater. This allows you to say, I have the confidence to have fun and try something new, without looking like you are trying too hard.

Balance is key. You can also dress-up a traditional blazer by adding a plaid or patterned pocket square for some flair. When I first started wearing pocket squares (and I just fold them square and stick them in the blazer pocket, it’s not hard), I felt a little self-conscious; but now if I forget a pocket square, I feel naked. I have received so many compliments about how I looked since I started wearing them.

Details matter. So don that new bow tie, those colorful socks, a belt with some style or even a fun winter hat! These little things make a big difference, and along with the proper-fitting clothes, will have you looking and feeling your best this holiday season. I promise.