Why I love corduroys

What is it about corduroy pants? They are my favorite pant and always have been. When production samples arrived at our studio last month, I knew we had succeeded in developing a great pair of cords. Maybe it’s that cords remind me of when I was a kid, when I would wear my favorite pair until you could almost see through the knees. Now that I am a grown up, maybe it’s because cords are so versatile and so comfortable. I love puttering around the house in them on the weekend, and then can throw on a blazer and some loafers to meet friends for dinner at a great restaurant. Maybe it’s that cord weather usually comes when it starts to get darker and feel chilly outside, so they have to be extra soft and comfortable.

Our new cords are just that. We searched all over to find the softest corduroy material, in the most classic colors, and then we gently washed them so they feel a bit broken in (you do the rest). Of course, we also developed them to fit our guys, with shorter inseams (27 to 30 inches) and properly scaled legs. They feel like just the right thing to get us through the winter and even into those cool spring days. Sweaters, oxfords, tees, blazers, sneakers, loafers, sturdy boats – they all work with the classic cord. You will treasure these pants. I wonder what took us so long?