Are your pants too long?

Every day I walk the streets of New York and am able to observe one of the biggest cross sections of humanity in the world. Of course, what obsesses me most is when I see my fellow “not so tall” guys with pants that are too long.

I feel like shouting, "You are not a 30-inch inseam!" The truth is, unless your mother was a Rockette, guys 5’ 8” and under typically don’t have 30-inch inseams. I often consider approaching them and sharing what our customers have discovered: that their inseam is really 27, 28 or 29 inches, and they’ve been wearing pants that are too long (for years), because that’s all that’s been available in stores (until now!).

For those of you visiting our site and thinking, "Nice, but my pants are just fine," I’d like you to reconsider.

If you’ve found us, chances are the pants you bought off the rack at some perfectly nice store (I won’t name names) are too long! So please stop wearing your pants like those below. Try a shorter inseam. Believe me, it will change the way you look and feel!



Don't look like this:

Instead you should aim for little or no-break (meaning your hems hit right at the top of your shoes). Like this: