Our summer shoe picks

While we don't (yet!) offer shoes at PMNYC, we wanted to suggest a few good picks from our staff.  Here in the northeast it feels like we can finally put away the boots and turn our thoughts to lighter weight shoes.  When wading through the enormous amount of options out there we seek stylish but classic shoes that will look good now and will last more than one season. Searching for the best in looks and wearability these shoes will stand you in good stead through the warmer months.  Like our Peter Manning clothes we look for classic but stylish shoes of the highest quality that won’t go out of style.  The following are our picks to take you through the warmer months.

The Classic Loafer.  We like our loafers classic and on the unadorned side. Tassles, buckles and penny rolls can sometimes be fussy and a little old fashioned.  This new Cole Haan Venetian loafer has the right balance of classic and new with just enough detail for an elegant European flair that can be worn dressed up or dressed down.


The Best Flip Flop.  When you want to wear flip flops, we've found these Rainbow Flip Flops are comfortable, well made and provide excellent support.


The Slip-on Sneaker.  The original Vans slip on originated in the surf and skateboard culture, but has now entered mainstream.  Fun and easy to wear these look great with lots of different looks.  They come in a wide array of colors and patterns but unless you really are a surfer or a skateboarder (or in your teens) we suggest staying away from the more outrageous options.


The Driving Shoe.  The Tod’s driving shoe was the first of its kind, and it is a beautifully made classic.  They come in lots of colors and can be worn with chinos and a blazer as well as T-shirts and shorts.  These are worth the investment.  They are totally chic and you’ll feel like you are wearing your slippers.


The Running Shoe.  The running shoe is not just for running anymore.  We see these comfortable sneakers on the feet of the most stylish guys out there.  We love this New Balance option and it comes in the widest array of colors and combinations imaginable.  Strictly for casual wear with jeans and chinos.


The Summer Brogue.  Sometimes we are called to wear something a little more formal in summertime and this brogue from Mark McNairy is beautiful.  These look great with a summer weight suit or light pant and sports jacket (for those summer weddings!), and well-cared for these shoes will last for years.  McNairy has been known to push the envelope by adding some wild colors to his soles and uppers and while we find them fun, we think it is a trend that is on the wane.  Those neon green soles won’t stand the test of time.  These will.


The Boat Shoe.  A summer collection would not be complete without a boat shoe.  Even if you are not on a boat, these classic mocassins will always work in a variety of situations for work or play.  We generally come back to the classic Sperry.  They have been making these for years.  Everything else is an imitation.  The classic brown pictured was once your only choice but now you can choose from lots of colors and combinations.  The more worn in these get the better.