The 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

It's that time of year again. Fathers. They are generally tough to shop for, but our team knows how to please dad with gift ideas that range from the practical to the luxurious. 

A nice surprise

The best gifts are often ones the recipient would never buy for himself. It's a strategy worth following, and here are ideas that could bring some unexpected joy for dad.

1. Collapsable Kayak

The Beach LT from Oru Kayak is ideal for quick excursions to the beach or lake. It takes only a few minutes to put together and is designed for beginner or experienced paddlers. Available at

2. Peter Manning NYC Carnegie Raincoat

Dad will be surprised at just how versatile our raincoat is for transitional seasons. With a zip-out lining, it's perfect for both cold rainy days, as well as cool summer nights. And it happens to fit great too! Available here at

3. In-Home Massage from Zeel

Thanks to, you can arrange for dad to have a professional massage therapist come to his home. Setup is easy, and he will definitely appreciate being able to relax and de-stress. Available at

4. Soft Sweats

Good sweatshirts and sweatpants are more refined these days, comfortable enough to lounge around the house, but also nice enough to wear around town. Ours are designed for not-so-tall dads, so the fit will be a huge improvement over other brands' offerings. You can get the Peter Manning NYC Hoodie here and our Sweatpants here.

Make him feel great

Even though he might not admit that it's important to him, every dad likes to feel good about the way he looks. 

1. A Fresh Baseball Cap

Veteran menswear designer Todd Snyder has managed to add just enough flair to the American prep look. His hat collaboration with New Era, the top name in baseball hats, is a winner. This year, he's offering  more teams to choose from. The limited edition Cone Mills denim style is our favorite. Available at

2. Peter Manning NYC Tie

You don't need that many ties, just need a few good ones. Ours happens to be one of the good ones, available in a variety of styles and designed for our guys - that is, not too long, saving dad precious time in the morning. Available here at

3. Espadrilles

He might resist at first, but once he slips on a pair of nice espadrilles and feels how airy and comfortable they are in the summer, your dad will be happy. We'll admit, it's not easy to pull of this type of European flair, but a little confidence goes a long way. Various styles available at

Eat. Drink. Celebrate.

When dad seemingly already has everything he wants, a gift that pleases his taste buds is always going to be a hit. What he feels is an overindulgence is exactly what you should splurge on.

1. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Shipped from Lou Malnatti's Pizzeria

Real deep dish pizza is a nuanced treat hard to come by outside of Chicago. Thankfully, Lou Malnatti's offers the real deal in a variety of sizes and styles shipped directly to your home. Extra pepperoni please! Available at

2. Domaine Forey Magnum of Vosne Romanee from Flatiron Wines

Our favorite burgundy wine from our favorite wine shop. The staff at Flatiron Wines - our neighbor here at the Fit Shop - knows its stuff. And this wine won't disappoint. The magnum makes the whole experience more festive! Available at

3. Cold Brew Maker and Pitcher

Summer is the perfect time to trade in your usual hot cup of coffee for well-made cold brew. The Primula Cold Brew Coffee Maker lets you manually cold brew your beans of choice. Help your father avoid the overpriced Starbucks version. Cold brew coffee never gets hot and is and steeped over 12-15 hours. The result is a taste that is subtly less acidic, less bitter and sweeter, and more full-bodied in flavor. Available at


Prepare him for an adventure

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

So if you can swing it, send dad on a vacation. If that's not possible, make sure to get him to right stuff to enjoy his next adventure.

1. Quality Earbuds

The advances in headphone technology now offer the best attributes of all varieties in a single package. Even if he has headphones already, dad will love an upgrade to the newest in wireless and noise-canceling earbuds, for easy stowaway. The Linner NC50 is a prime example of this new breed. Available at

For the active dad, the Soundsport Pulse earbuds from Bose can also track heart rate, enabling easy transfer of workout data to a fitness app. Available at

2. Herschel Dopp Kit

Herschel delivers quality, good-looking bags at a fair price, and their dopp kit is no exception. Dad will love this, as like most of us, his current one has probably seen better days. Get the Herschel Chapter Travel Kit at

3. Goruck Gym Bag

It's a gym bag by name, but versatile enough to serve as an all-purpose duffel. The Goruck Gym Bag, in all-business black, is made in America from Special Forces-grade materials and is guaranteed for life. Available at

Necessities, but nicer necessities

Socks and underwear as gifts. Sounds boring, but fresh (and better) socks and underwear is not only needed, but also well appreciated by most dads. 

1. Bombas Gift Box

Bombas has a Father’s Day Sport Sock gift box and Dress Sock gift box. And unlike most sock companies, they offer two sizes so they can accommodate men with smaller feet (6-8.5). Available at

2. Lululemon No Boxer Boxer

Known for their ubiquitous yoga pants, Lululemon makes great men's items as well. Once your father tries on their sweat-wicking, ultra comfortable underwear, he won't go back to his Hanes. Available at

3. American Trench Kennedy Lux Athletic Socks

American Trench, a small company with made-in-U.S.A. products, offers classic-look socks that aren't boring, ideal for dad's who don't want to stand out too much. The Kennedy is "inspired by a photo of JFK on a yacht watching the America's Cup." In other words, it's an iconic look that will never go out of style. Available at