Lighten up with summer belts

A good, fun, sometimes colorful, summer belt will immediately inject a sense of playfulness into your outfit. The lighter weight material also serves as a nice contrast to your heavier leather belts.  Our recommended summer belts go well with shorts, chinos or a pair of jeans (all available at PMNYC!).  If you feel adventurous, you can try them with more formal pants as well (sartorially adventurous guys can wear a yellow nylon belt with a suit) - just make sure you keep everything else toned down.

Don’t kill your look by getting a belt that’s too long. A proper fitting belt loops in at the third hole, or if it’s secured by an O-ring or D-ring, there should be about an inch of extra material past the first belt loop on your pants.  Here are our picks: 

This simple take from J. McLaughlin is punctuated with a navy D-ring buckle, making it a bold look that is exactly the way a summer belt should be worn.  All four colors work and it's been a favorite of Peter's as well as our model Erick.

Ralph Lauren's cotton braided belt is another take on the lighter weight belt.  Four lively colors make this the choice for those dressing it up just a bit!


The most traditional belt in this family is from Brooks Brothers  and provides an instant preppy touch. They have a variety of styles; we’d choose the navy version with green stripes. 

You can also consider a lacrosse motif (and Vineyard Vines’ signature whale) on this ribbon belt.  You’ll have the ultimate in prep audaciousness. This belt shows that it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.

If these choices are too bright for you, then try this stretch canvas belt by Anderson’s that we found at Unis, a boutique on Elizabeth Street. This made in Italy accessory has four deep hues that add just the right accent to any outfit.