Coming soon - The Perfect Sweatpants

I am working on the perfect pair of Peter Manning sweatpants for Fall. I call them Saturday pants. Sometimes I am just not 100-percent ready to face the day and don’t want to get dressed but an errand, the dog, the kids, the papers require leaving the comfort of home before you are quite ready.  

These pants (not to be shown until they are finished) are for those moments when you need to look pulled together but feel like you haven’t left the bed. Comfortable enough to sleep in, but good-looking-enough to run into your boss and not look like a slob. 

Oh, even better, they are going to fit. Soon we will have beautifully cut sweatpants, complete with pockets that can hold your wallet, keys and phone, that are not all bunched up near our ankles. We are choosing a nice weighty fabric and they will be available in grey or blue. Classic.