Ode to the shaving brush

A little over a year ago I was strolling down Elizabeth Street near the building I developed and happened on a shop called the New York Shaving Company.  I went in and encountered some very passionate guys committed to a good shave.  After some discussion I ended up with a badger hair shaving brush (the best, I was told).  Like most men I have no interest in adding more time to my grooming regimen (if you could call it that), so I was a little leery of my new accessory.

I realized quickly that putting on shaving cream with a brush did not add any time because I had to lather up anyway.  I used a cream and put a little dab on the wet brush, lathered my face and haven't looked back.  It feels great, uses less shaving cream and best of all my skin looks the best its looked in years.  It also produces a great shave.  It's like nature's Clarisonic, the face cleaning brush that women are using in record numbers.  I highly recommend getting a good shaving brush and adding this to your routine.

I remember my dad using one of the these back in the day and now feel connected back to that time when I used to watch him shave when I was kid.  You won't regret it and your skin will thank you you for it.