Peter Manning ties on the way


I was getting ready to go to the the Tony Awards and was getting into my tuxedo and it came time to tie my tie. I have recently switched to wearing a traditional long tie instead of a bow tie.  Long is an understatement. After trying to tie the tie twice as carefully as I could so the two points just touched, the tie was still hanging halfway down my crotch!  What to do?  I got out the scissors cut a few inches off the skinny end of the tie and retied it with abandon knowing I was not going to have to struggle to get it exactly right.  I tucked the back side of the tie into the loop and off we went.   What's the next thing a guy to do.  Make some ties!  I am working with one of the last tie makers in the USA and a great silk mill in England to make ties that won't need our laser like concentration to tie perfectly.  We can throw the tie on and tie it with abandon.  You know, like they do in the movies when they are barely glancing in the mirror.  Tying your tie is going to be glamorous and fun.  Since I've been in the business of making clothes for shorter men I have become obsessed with this kind of detail.  I am so excited to share it with our customers.