Subway art

When I design clothes for Peter Manning, it is usually clear where the shapes and cuts of things come from – clothes I love or clothes I think you’d love to have or clothes I’ve had to tailor to get just right. What is less clear is where the colors come from.  

I realized the other day, having finished choosing and approving colors for the Fall line, that the palette I ended up came right from the subway.  I am an inveterate subway rider. I love the subway and contrary to popular belief the stations can be quite beautiful. The mosaics in some stations, the old ones and the new ones, are spectacular and their use of color is sublime. 

So we won’t think about the heat and the overcrowding, we’ll think about the wild and thrilling diversity of people, the quick and easy way to get around town, and most of all we will think about the beautiful mosaics that inspired Peter Manning for Fall 2012.  Can’t wait for you to see it.