Regarding men and accessories



I wear bracelets. Mine tell a story. They were woven by woman for Global Goods Partners (pictured) in Guatemala who are earning a living for their families. They make them in a masculine palette that feels right.  I also wear a fishhook bracelet from the great accessories designer Miansai by Micheal Saiger, who I discovered years ago when he was just starting out.

The truth is men don’t get a lot of opportunity to differentiate ourselves.  Lots of us wear the same sorts of clothes and accessories are a great way to add some punch into an average outfit and give it individuality.

The right understated watch is also a powerful statement. Go for a classic look (no matter what price point) and it will carry you from jeans and a T-shirt to a three-piece suit. Google Rolex Submariner, Tag Heuer Monaco, Omega Speedmaster and other icons and you will start to get a sense what makes a classic timepiece.  Most men will probably only buy one or two watches in their lifetime so spend the most you possibly can and get the best quality you are able.  A watch is an investment in you.

As for other accessories, it is best to use one or two at a time. Be judicious. Pocket squares are such a great way to spruce up a blue blazer and now I feel naked if I am not wearing one and a tie bar can look cool with a narrow tie.