Iced coffee done right


If you think that making coffee out of a regular Mr. Coffee machine and pouring it over ice is iced coffee, then you need to rethink your iced coffee. The best coffee houses make their iced coffee by first cold brewing it and there is a world of difference.  Always be sure to ask if it is cold brewed.  

Coffee is totally sensitive to temperatures, and while there are proper hot brewing methods to make iced coffee, cold brewing ensures that your beverage is less acidic – a nice attribute for an iced coffee. 

It’s pretty easy. You can use a regular French press or make it in big pitcher and strain it through cheesecloth. Use medium ground beans and pour the cold water in. Let is sit for at least 12 hours (plan ahead!) and depress your plunger (or strain) and you will have perfectly iced coffee that you can enhance any way you want.  It is so good you could drink it straight. We love it with a little milk and it is so delicious it barely needs sugar.