A magazine - handmade

A couple of years ago I discovered an issue of Gentry magazine, a men’s magazine from the  the 1950s.  I have been collecting issues ever since.  

It's been rediscovered in the last year and for good reason: It is simply the most astonishing magazine. It's as if every issue is handmade. They have stories about shirts with fabric swatches glued on to the page or planting stories complete with packets of seeds. The stories and the articles are so diverse, rich, urbane, witty, stylish and erudite. The graphics so ahead of their time that it's amazing to me that the magazine is not more legendary. To hold one is wonder how the heck they did it. Here is cover number 4 from Fall of 1952, they only did four a year. I will share images from my trove from time to time.