Better fitting eyewear

Finding glasses that fit my face is always a huge problem, which is why I hold on for dear life to my Oliver Peoples O’Malley 41cm sunglasses. I've had them for seven years and dread losing them because no other glasses ever fit my face.  

Smaller guys tend to have smaller faces and just like with clothing, no one addresses this. I have recently been introduced to an amazing company called Eyebobs that carries a size for men called, cheekily, “Pinhead.” (Their product names and attitude tend toward the irreverent.)

They have lots of styles but the ones pictured here are the best for me. For the first time ever all the frames fit my face. They come as reading glasses (a stylish alternative to the drug store kind) in various strengths. You can also switch out the lenses for sunglasses and prescriptions. Every once in awhile there is a product out there perfectly scaled for the Peter Manning man and this is one of them.