Why Soapbox Furniture Focuses on High Quality, Sustainable Materials

Soapbox Furniture

Soapbox is a furniture company based near Asbury Park, New Jersey, that has created a line that is striking with subtle color accents.

While there is certainly a place for ultra-modern home decor, sometimes the stark lines can leave your place feeling a bit too cold.

Soapbox’s line has a simplicity that puts the focus in the beauty of its materials. Company founder Rob Weinstein set out to create useable and customizable furniture that would last.

The company makes its goods with eco-friendly practices and easy-to-assemble components, so you can spend more time enjoying your home.

Pick your wood type, hardware color, leg size and Soapbox delivers your piece in 2-3 weeks.

I love a companies like Soapbox who are doing innovative, "disruptive" things in their industry, especially when they focus on high quality products.

PMNYC has the same focus on quality and simplicity, and I hope that comes through in our products - from our Everyday Shirts to our blue jeans.