Take care of your shoes

It’s worth the money to invest in well-made shoes. The construction, especially in how the sole is made, can make all the difference in shoes that will last a lifetime. Quality shoes from established brands can be reconditioned and repaired, whereas once your wear through a cheap rubber sole, that shoe has to go into the trash bin.

Since you’ve handed over your hard-earned cash for some Aldens or Allen-Edmonds be sure to take them to a cobbler that’s up to the task of keep them ship shape. Here in Manhattan we trust our shoes to The Leather Spa. They make recommendations and can restore high quality leather, stretch your shoe to fit better and they always use the best replacement parts. Our shoes and boots always come back looking new with rugged aging, which is appropriate patina for leather.

The Leather Spa takes orders outside of New York and you can ship them there for repair work. Why bother? A pair of high-end longwing brogues are classics and they get ever better looking over time. Your shoes begin to tell your story and they mold to the shape of your foot.  I have had my brown leather brogues for twenty-two years and my black formal lace ups for eighteen.