The PMNYC Guide to Sport Watches

The stainless steel sport watch looks equally at home at the office or the beach—and everything else in between.

Your watch can serve as an expression of your personality.

It's a wonderful time for watch enthusiasts, as there are attractive choices at every price point. A good watch will elevate any outfit and it can serve as a style statement without looking like you are trying too hard. Your watch can serve as an expression of your personality.

An investment piece: Rolex Explorer 214270

The Explorer is Rolex's most stripped down sport watch and many collectors love it because legend has it that Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Everest with one strapped to his wrist. It's an understated timepiece that just tells you the time. The 3-6-9 dial is a easy to read and the Oyster case is rated to 100 meters, so it can withstand heavy-duty water sports. The modern version features a 39mm case, so ideal for our guys. The original, which you can still find on the second-hand market, is 36mm, perfect for those with smaller wrists. $6550

A funky retro diver: Oris Divers Sixty Five

Oris is a smaller Swiss brand that is known for value. Its Divers Sixty Five model is a reissue of a vintage dive watch. The modern version has a very distinct look that evokes the Tiki bar esthetic. We recommend this model for its excellent proportions—40mm wide combined with a thin case thickness, which allows you to the wear it under a dress shirt cuff if you need to. The bracelet also tapers to 14mm from the 20mm width at the lugs, ensuring that comfort and elegance are achieved. $1850

Budget fun: Seiko SKX013 or SKX007

With a price tag at just around $200 you can't beat the Seiko SKX line of budget-friendly divers. Brock at The Modest Man blog recommends the SKX013 for its smaller case size at 38mm, and its bigger brother SKX007 still wears well on smaller wrists. This watch is actually ISO-certified, which means it meets the requirements that real scuba divers need. Get it with the jubilee bracelet and wear the heck out of it. Around $200