How to wear our long sleeve polo shirt

The long sleeve polo shirt is a versatile take on the original polo shirt, which has its roots with British polo players in India at the turn of the 20th century. We delved into this a bit in our recent blog post about our button-down collar shirts.

Actually, the long sleeve polo is a favorite piece in our collection. It can be worn in most seasons except the dead of summer, but is still perfect for breezy summer nights. It works well under a sport jacket because the cuffs peek out from under your jacket sleeves, which lends a slightly dressier edge to its short sleeved cousin. 

The ultimate layering piece

Under a sweater or sweatshirt, alone, sleeves rolled or pushed up, our long sleeve polo shirt is made with a fabric that breathes but still can keep you warm in rooms with either excessive air-conditioning or not-so-optimal heat. The lighter fabric also sets it apart from the rugby shirt, which is usually thicker and worn more casually.

We designed ours with a subtle and stylish twist, a cuff that can be unfastened like our button-up shirts. It's a detail that sets the Peter Manning version apart from the pack and makes ours look extra sharp with rolled sleeves.

It fits just right

Of course, our long sleeve polo is also made for you specifically, with a body length that hits mid-zipper, and sleeves that end just at the end just past your wrist bone. If you don't have a long sleeve polo in your wardrobe yet, we advise you to give this one a try. It might just become one of your favorite all-purpose shirts!

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