Introducing our new Skinny Stretch Jeans

A sleek and sophisticated fit

The newest addition to our denim line is a Skinny Stretch Jean. These are slim, but not too tight, and have a hint of stretch added to them so you can really move. Guys in our office have been testing them and raving about them.

"You can definitely ride a bike in these!" proclaimed our advertising manager.

It's a very modern look that pairs especially well with our T-shirts, Polos, Weekend Shirts and Blazers. Made with the same quality denim as our other jeans, but with 2% elastane, the Skinny Stretch Jean is offered in a versatile dark rinse.

It's a timeless look

Classic jeans, in their original incarnation, fit like our modern Skinny Stretch Jeans. Levi's 501 Shrink to Fit were designed to conform to the contours of you body after a soak in a warm bath. Bruce Springsteen (pictured above) wore a fit similar to our Skinny Jean in the 1970s. In 2017 a slimmer jean offers a sophisticated urban look that works well for men 5'8" and under. Keep in mind, an overall slimmer silhouette makes you look taller. Read more about that in our guide to wearing jeans for shorter guys.

Even if you don't think of yourself as a skinny jean kind of guy, we urge you to try a pair. We believe you'll like the way they make you look. And we promise, your girlfriends, wives and partners will notice—in a good way. 



This month Esquire magazine wrote an article on how jeans should fit in 2017. They pretty much cover the spectrum we now sell. So check out their guide and then visit our shop to find your style. As always, ours will fit you like no others!