Invest in yourself in 2017

If you look and feel great in your clothes, life is better.

It sounds a bit dramatic, but don’t knock the concept until you’ve tried it.

As men mature, we become more attuned to our sense of personal style.  At Peter Manning, we don't believe in fast fashion—that's not what we're about. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in investing in a smart rotation of higher quality items and wearing them often—with joy.  

While our team is obsessed about nailing the right fit for our customers, we are equally consumed by the need to deliver the highest quality clothing at an accessible price point. We are mindful of every detail, from the weight of our fabric selection to the reinforced stitching in our jackets to where and how our cotton is sourced. When these elements come together, your Peter Manning clothes just get better with wear and will conform to the contours of your body.

And when getting dressed in the morning becomes a pleasure, your confidence soars, you simply feel great, and your clothes become an afterthought—an extension of you as an individual.

Details matter

We feel that putting more into each piece (fine European fabrics, high quality denim, thoughtful design) offers our customers more value over the long term. For too long, shorter men have not been offered the quality they deserve. Everything we offer will last longer and retain its shape.

For many men, finding clothes that fit well takes a bit of adjusting to. At first clothes may seem “tight;” but trust us, once you’ve adapted, you won’t believe you ever wore that billowy shirt to work. Our cuts are contemporary takes on classic cuts that flatter every body type and age.

Making clothes that last, with sound manufacturing and labor standards, is intrinsic to why we started Peter Manning NYC.

You deserve it

Take, for example, our Lambskin Leather Jacket. Somehow, we’ve managed to offer it for under $500. Its quality matches leather jackets that cost over $1,000. To create the perfect leather jacket, we studied how the best manufacturers do it and injected our own touches. Our leather jacket will soften and develop a patina from years of wear. It’s one of our most popular newer items and the feedback we’ve received has been amazing.

Another universally embraced product has been our Essex Suit Jacket. The foundation is a true four-season wool sourced from Italy. The style is conservative enough to work in business or formal occasions, but we made sure it also pairs well with jeans or chinos too. The half-canvas construction allows for the most important area of the suit (near the shoulders, upper back and chest) to mold to your shape, which is an excellent value proposition.

We hope that you discover and enjoy our extra bit of quality. If you ever have any feedback for us, we are always listening. Drop us a line at