Navigating pant fits: Classic vs. Slim vs. Skinny

When shopping for pants, it's important to determine what type of fit works best for your body and personal style. For the most part, we recommend that not-so-tall men wear the slimmest cut they feel comfortable with simply because a slimmer leg will make you appear taller. A wider leg will make you look shorter.

If you've been wearing baggier pants, it might take some time to get used to wearing a slimmer pant. Most of the time, the payoff is worth it. One customer's wife wrote us:

"My husband put on the PMNYC Slim Fit jeans and he suddenly looked 10 pounds thinner."

Here are the three fits we offer:

Classic Fit

Our Classic Fit has a standard rise, it's relatively slim through the thigh and has a straight leg opening. It's definitely not baggy. It's the style of chinos that JFK would wear when vacationing in Martha's Vineyard. That's why it's called The Classic. This our most versatile cut and a risk-free choice, and perfect for guys who don't skip leg day at the gym.

Slim Fit

The is our most popular fit. It's a very contemporary look that shows the shape of your legs but still feels roomy enough for most men's comfort zones. The top of the pants sits at your natural waist, it's slim through the thigh and knee and has a narrower leg opening. If you've never tried a slim fit pant, we highly recommend it. 

Skinny Fit

This a bolder look and works really well if you have a thin build. This fit sits lower on the waist, is skinny through the thigh and knee and has a narrow leg opening for a more tapered look below the knee. A hint of stretch makes our Skinny jeans extra comfortable. This is a more fashion-forward look and is a fantastic look for those of us whose legs don't fill out roomier cuts. By no means do our Skinny Jeans look like women's leggings and the are quite flattering for the right body type.

Other factors to consider:

The rise: All of our pants come in a mid-rise, not too high and not too low. The rise (the section from the top the pants to the bottom of the crotch) really matters for both fit and style. For shorter men, too high of a rise makes your torso look smaller—not good if you want to appear taller. A rise that is too low is simply uncomfortable and wears as if your pants are about the fall off at any moment.

Dressing up? Slim down: If you are matching more casual pants (chinos, twills, corduroys or jeans) with a blazer, go with the slimmest cut you can. In business setting a more fitted look simply looks neater, or more polished. Your blazer or sport coat subtly outlines the shape of your body, right? 

Have a few cuts in your rotation: Our team here at Peter Manning like to have a few different cuts in our rotation. Some of our thinner team members stick with slim or skinny pants. But those of us with medium-sized builds may have Classic, Slim and Skinny pants and use the different looks depending on the occasion. A date night might call for skinny jeans while for a Sunday brunch, we'll pull out our Slim Fits. Experiment with different fits to figure out what works for your personal style. (Just don't go baggy!)