Summer Style Essentials

As the seasons shift not only should you consider changing up your colors, patterns and sleeve lengths; consider the weight of your fabrics and accessories. Think cotton ties, thinner socks (or no socks), nylon belts and canvas sneakers.

Swapping your leather watch strap or metal bracelet for something nylon is a smart idea this time of year. NATO straps add color, are inexpensive and are easy to wash after a day of sunscreen, sand and saltwater. Simply detach the band (no tools necessary as NATOs thread underneath the watch case) and throw it in the washing machine tucked inside of a laundry net for delicates.

The strap pictured on the Hamilton field watch pictured above is from Crown & Buckle, an excellent online source for watch straps, including many nylon NATO straps.

Accessorizing with lighter fabrics is a subtle shift that really makes a difference in your overall presentation. Cotton ties simply feel right when it's 80 degrees out. Our Foulard cotton blend is an example of a lightweight tie that adds subtle visual interest.  And it's 4 inches shorter than normal ties, so it'll fit just right for our guys!

When it comes to belts, we've never been shy about sporting a preppy d-ring nylon version. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is understated. This one by Vineyard Vines is perfect when you're near the water.


Pants to shorts

When it's really hot and we must wear pants, we choose chinos. Ours, of course, will fit you well with proper inseams, rise and ankle openings.  

Of course, nothing beats a pair of shorts in the summer. Ours are now available in a 5" or 7" inch inseam, perfect for the not-so-tall guy. PMNYC Shorts are meant to hit above the knee to make your legs look longer.


Short sleeves 7 days a week

Our James Polo can be dressed up (with a sport coat) or dressed down (with shorts). We love the pairing of our red version with dark denim.


The PMNYC Short Sleever has become one of our customer favorites. It works as a standalone or layering piece. Try it in classic white for a more refined look.

Tread lightly

We are not proponents of men exposing their toes in the city, so opt for canvas slip-ons or loafers if you want to project a summer vibe.

If you are going to wear sandals or flip-flops, first get a pedicure! Then choose a higher quality version for arch support and softer materials. For most poolside settings, leather flip-flops from Rainbow or Reef work well. If you are hitting South Beach, don't be afraid to go bold and bright.

For most other casual occasions, espadrilles or slip-on canvas sneakers are both classic and on trend for 2017. Carhartt WIP makes an excellent version that isn't as ubiquitous as classic Vans.


Carry it all with ease 

Bring a versatile bag with you so you can stash your sunglasses, a thin layering piece, and your well-worn copy of "The Sun Also Rises." A tote, like this one from Want Les Essentiels, will work through September.

Cool nights and strong AC

Our new Cotton Pullover is the ideal lightweight layer to throw in that daily go-anywhere bag. It offers just enough warmth when temperatures suddenly dip.

Save your skin

A good-looking hat will protect you and add a style element to an otherwise minimalist outfit. A bucket hat is a solid choice because you can roll it up and throw it in your bag and it offers protection for your ears and the back your head too. This one from Alex Mill adds just a bit of playfulness without screaming "look at me."

A baseball cap is a safe choice that flatters most men. This tried-and-true chino cap from Ralph Lauren is a men's style classic.

So there your have it. Get out there and enjoy the hot weather and the relaxed mood of summer. Make sure everything fits right and have fun with color and patterns!