The 2019 PMNYC Father's Day Gift Guide

Thanks to fast shipping options, it's not too late to get dad a meaningful gift. We know, it's never easy, but showing your father a little appreciation is well worth your time.

As usual, we've sprinkled in a few of our own products. We've put a lot of thought into them. The trick is to splurge a little and get the special man something he'd never get for himself.

Spend time with him

One of our team members said the best present you can give your dad is quality time. So get him tickets to his favorite sport or show. 

Thanks to resale services like StubHub, you can get seats to the most sought after events, albeit at a premium price. Getting dad to the afternoon game against the Yankees is actually doable.

Search for tickets at

If he's the type of guy who likes to entertain at home, get him this 50-inch 4K UHD from Samsung. Hook up a sound bar and watch him smile as he enjoys his TV upgrade. You get a lot for your money these days.

$329 from Best Buy.

If he loves dedicated movie nights, projection screens offer that old-school experience that can turn any wall into a cineplex. The AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector with rechargeable battery offers HD quality.

$329 from Amazon.

Get him The Duke, the real football used in the NFL. If he tells you to go deep, be sure to slow up your stride just a little to make his throw look perfect.

$99 from Wilson.

Because he needs new clothes and accessories

More than likely, his favorite clothes are bit worn out. Give him a fresh look.

With an infinitely adjustable buckle, lightweight cotton and pre-bent brim, dad is ready to throw the 47 Brand United States Script 47 Clean Up hat on all summer long.

$25 from

Sneakers you're supposed to wear without socks? The now ubiquitous suburban dad shoe, Allbirds Wool Runner, is so functional (machine washable) and comfortable that he won’t want to wear anything else.

$95 from

Our lightweight stretch chinos are ideal for those times when he wants to wear shorts but really shouldn't wear shorts.  

$98 from

Speaking of shorts, if dad wants to pack just one pair of shorts for a weekend getaway, he'll love our new Tech Shorts, which he can wear on a hike or bike and also lounge in.

$85 from


When it comes time to fire up the grill, give him the perfect shirt. Our Madras Short Sleever will have him looking really dapper and cool with its colorful, breathable fabric.

$85 from


The perfect tie completes the outfit. Ours are not too long for our guys, so you don't have to wrestle with trying to make the back of your tie short enough.

$79 at

Little things that make life better

Any dad will appreciate a few more hours of quality sleep. The Bose white noise generating ear buds are the most luxe version to lull him into a deep slumber. They're perfect for traveling too.

$249 from

The Vintage Deluxe Scrabble set is 50% larger than a regular Scrabble board. Premium hardware makes this classic game even better. 

$175 from Restoration Hardware.

Get him a dash cam that puts the entire driving experience in voice control. No more fumbling around to skip that Billy Joel song. This Garmin Speak Plus Dash Cam features Amazon Alexa built-in, dash camera looping video and a memory card.

$179 on Amazon.

Improve his kitchen experience

Another upgrade he thought he didn’t need is a basic, but exemplary, 9-cup coffee maker from OXO for pour-over results without the fuss.

$194 from Amazon.

The sleek Joul Sous Vide by ChefSteps will ensure his steak is never overcooked.

$199 on Amazon.

Give him style

Give him a dependable (quartz) watch that he can wear with any outfit and not worry about wearing in any situation. The Timex collaborations with Todd Snyder elevate the venerable American watch company's offerings. This Marlin model has a mesh bracelet for a touch of 1970s cool.

$209 from

Good inexpensive sunglasses from Warby Parker always come in handy. Choose a classic tortoiseshell look with a bit of modern flair and he’ll be the coolest dad on the block—instantly.

 $95 from


Stuff he never knew he wanted

Nikki Beach was the first luxury beach club concept to combine music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film, and art. Celebrate its unrivaled experience with a coffee-table book by Jim Dobson, luxury writer for Forbes.

$85 from Assouline

A pair of nice-quality cozy slippers is always a treat. The Tasman slipper by Ugg is one of those items that he didn’t think he needed, but he'll thank you for once he slips his feet in. 

$89 from Nordstrom.

The 1900 United States Geological Survey topographic map of Yosemite National Parkcombined has a digitally-rendered 3-dimensional elevation by Brooklyn artist Scott Reinhard. Elevate his den with the gift for his inner explorer.

 $110 from Huckberry.

He’ll love the click action of a classic typewriter but with an easy bluetooth connection to his favorite device. The Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Artisan Luxury Vintage Backlit Mechanical Keyboard has old-school looks and feel, but new school compatibility.

 $219 on Amazon.

And in case you don't know what he wants at all, the Peter Manning NYC gift card is ideal.

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