The Wives Have It

From the beginning, wives (and girlfriends and partners) have been an important part of the Peter Manning NYC story, and they are often among our most passionate customers. Sometimes, let's face it, our better half knows better.  This is true when it comes to our clothes.  We guys may not spend our days thinking about how we're dressed, but our spouses take note; and they know how much better we look when we wear clothes that fit!  

We hear from wives and girlfriends all the time (thanks for that, btw!), and they tell us how our clothes have transformed their guys.  We also get to see lots of couples in our Fit Shop, and always have a great time.  I am reminded of one such couple that came in about a year ago.  They were a lovely pair from Hawaii, and though they had been married for 40 years, they barely looked 40 themselves.  She led him into our Fit Shop, and he followed behind sheepishly.  Right away I could see he was in ill-fitting clothes:  an over-sized shirt with pirate arms, and big, baggy pleated pants that draped on him.  We put him in our Classic Fit Chinos and an Everyday Shirt, and he emerged from our dressing room a changed man (this happens a lot).  She took one look at him and burst into a tear-filled smile.  You just knew that she was looking at the man she fell in love with 40 years ago (she actually said that).  He could feel it too.  Proper fitting clothes make a difference, because when you look good, you feel good.  

So with this email, we celebrate the wives and girlfriends and partners of our customers, because they know how terrific you look when you wear clothes that fit.  So if you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for her!