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Peter Manning

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In Good Company: Jon Stewart

In Good Company is a series where we highlight accomplished “not so tall” men. One of our favorites is Jon Stewart (5’7″). We think he’s smart, funny and, frankly, one of the most important “not so tall” guys around, irrespective of his political leanings! We are devastated to hear that he is leaving his show after so many years of hilariously... Continue Reading →

How it all started... with the Dress Shirt

One of the things that got me into the business of dressing “not so tall” guys was my last trip to the tailor some years ago now. I brought a shirt to be altered and the tailor said, “This is crazy, by the time I fix up this shirt correctly it will cost you more than the shirt!”   He... Continue Reading →

Why classic American clothes will always be in style

Fortunately, men’s style doesn’t fluctuate much.  That's good news for all of us, because it makes getting dressed each day a lot easier.  I purposely started Peter Manning NYC with a foundation of basics: jeans, chinos, button-down shirts—all based on a traditional American style that was born in the 1950s, with icons like James Dean, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. ... Continue Reading →

Peter Manning NYC featured on Good Morning America

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Are your pants too long?

Every day I walk the streets of New York and am able to observe one of the biggest cross sections of humanity in the world. Of course, what obsesses me most is when I see my fellow “not so tall” guys with pants that are too long. I feel like shouting "you are not a 30-inch inseam!" The truth is,... Continue Reading →

Why I love corduroys

What is it about corduroy pants? They are my favorite pant and always have been. When production samples arrived at our studio last month, I knew we had succeeded in developing a great pair of cords. Maybe it’s that cords remind me of when I was a kid, when I would wear my favorite pair until you could almost see... Continue Reading →

Staff picks for holiday gifts

We have some serious audiophiles in the office and they love Bowers and Wilkins. Their P3 headphones not only have proven sound quality, they have a stylish yet understated look (available in various colors) and are immensely portable. The P3 ear pads are made from memory foam that gently molds to the shape of your ears, which increases both comfort... Continue Reading →

Care for your beard with Beardbrand

With great causes like Movember and No-Shave November in full swing, we can’t help but think of ways to tame and groom those mustaches and beards that are popping up everywhere. Zachary in our office has a beard (it’s quite dashing) and he has become quite taken with Beardbrand, a purveyor of all things needed to have a great bearded life.... Continue Reading →

Dressing for the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, it seems a good time to think about what we can do to spruce up our wardrobes, look great and be festive. As always, fit matters. Shorter inseams, shorter sleeves, tapered legs—proper proportions in general—make you look and feel great. However, often the holidays require a bit more from us. What then? How can we... Continue Reading →

Finally, a winter boot that is just enough

I always think about new winter boots in January when I am stepping into a slush puddle in my Clark desert shoes.  By then it is too late.  Everything is sold out and I keep telling myself it's almost over.   This has been going on for years. It’s also that winter boots tend to be too darn big.  I... Continue Reading →

What Not To Do

  Even if you don’t consider yourself “into fashion,” how you dress matters. Whether we care or not, others are making assumptions about us based on our appearance. Wearing clothes that fit properly is important, especially if you are "less than tall". Clothes that fit make you appear taller and thinner, and quite frankly, more put together. A man whose... Continue Reading →

Do you have the right break?

This weekend I was with an old friend who said that his inseam was 30″. He’s 5’5″, so I was skeptical, and eventually he admitted that all his pants drag on the ground and the hems are all worn. Alas, he is not a 30″ inseam but a 27″. This happens a lot. When the shortest inseam available to us... Continue Reading →