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Getting dressed for work

Of all the places where getting dressed with proper fit matters, it’s the workplace. Co-workers, bosses, clients, they are often judging by appearance, even if they don’t say so. Being properly dressed at work still matters, and getting the proper fit conveys that you care about how you represent yourself and the company. Looking sharp shows an attention to detail, and... Continue Reading →

Look good at the gym (some suggestions)

Most athletic wear is designed for men 5'9" to 6'2", and the rest of us are supposed to make do. Thus, finding the right workout clothes for ‘not-so-tall’ guys ends up being, well, not so easy. Too long shorts and baggy T-shirts aren't flattering, even on the fittest of men. Therefore we’ve done some hunting and pecking, so you don’t have... Continue Reading →

Lighten up with summer belts

A good, fun, sometimes colorful, summer belt will immediately inject a sense of playfulness into your outfit. The lighter weight material also serves as a nice contrast to your heavier leather belts.  Our recommended summer belts go well with shorts, chinos or a pair of jeans (all available at PMNYC!).  If you feel adventurous, you can try them with more formal... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day gift guide

Below we offer a few ideas for Father's Day, both affordable and not-so-affordable, practical and whimsical. Whether buying for Dad or treating yourself (we won't tell!), finding great gifts is never easy.  We don't think you can go wrong with these suggestions.     We welcome Shinola’s efforts to revitalize Detroit’s manufacturing glory, and we want their new GMT watch, The... Continue Reading →

Our swimsuit recommendations

Finally, pool and beach season is upon us.  Since we don't make our own swimsuits yet, we'd like to recommend a few brands that work well for the Peter Manning man.  We look for ones that are well-made, have functional pockets, dry fast, look great and can also work with a shirt to grab lunch. Make sure the inseam is not... Continue Reading →

9 Spring/Summer Fashion Tips from Peter

People automatically think that wearing fewer pieces of clothing limits your style quotient. Dressing well in the spring and summer is what separates the pros from the amateurs. But while it’s great to shed some layers, let’s not throw our style sense out the window. Here are a few tips: Add a dash of color.  But not too much!  If... Continue Reading →

A surprisingly stylish iWatch .... along w/some more traditional options

The Apple iWatch is here. We have been curious how it was going to look, and we think it’s remarkably sleek and handsome, especially for wearable tech. We appreciate Apple’s relentless focus on good design and like the ability to vary the watch faces, allowing you to choose the one that suits your style. It comes with some nice band options,... Continue Reading →

Our summer shoe picks

While we don't (yet!) offer shoes at PMNYC, we wanted to suggest a few good picks from our staff.  Here in the northeast it feels like we can finally put away the boots and turn our thoughts to lighter weight shoes.  When wading through the enormous amount of options out there we seek stylish but classic shoes that will look... Continue Reading →

Men of Stature: Lelisa Desisa

Ethiopian runner Lelisa Desisa (Le-LEE-Sa DEE-See-Sa), 5’7″, took home his second Boston Marathon win on Monday in wet and cold conditions in 2:09:17, which is, yes, running the entire 26.2 miles at about a 5-minute mile clip. In 2013, his previous Boston win, Lelisa donated his medal to the bombing victims. “Sport holds the power to unify and connect people... Continue Reading →

In Good company: Mark Wahlberg

There aren’t many people who can transition from the rough streets of Boston’s South End and young life as a criminal, and go onto success in a music and modeling career and then become a major Hollywood star, producer, business man, and family man.  Mark Wahlberg (5'7") has managed to do it with honesty and self-awareness, hard work and talent.... Continue Reading →

In Good Company: Jon Stewart

In Good Company is a series where we highlight accomplished “not so tall” men. One of our favorites is Jon Stewart (5’7″). We think he’s smart, funny and, frankly, one of the most important “not so tall” guys around, irrespective of his political leanings! We are devastated to hear that he is leaving his show after so many years of hilariously... Continue Reading →

How it all started... with the Dress Shirt

One of the things that got me into the business of dressing “not so tall” guys was my last trip to the tailor some years ago now. I brought a shirt to be altered and the tailor said, “This is crazy, by the time I fix up this shirt correctly it will cost you more than the shirt!”   He... Continue Reading →